Michael Grantham


Michael on a Rock

When I started programming as a teenager, I was primarily interested in web development, and I started this website for some of my projects. I don’t do web development anymore, but I still enjoy doing different projects for fun outside of work.

Professionally, I work as a Mathematical Analyst, conducting mathematical and statistical analysis of gambling devices and games. I conduct statistical analysis of game data with R and Python to determine the presence of skill (which is a really interesting topic). I also write Monte Carlo simulations of for games in C++.

I like to do projects about interesting things involving programming, math, or statistics, and have some things I think are worth sharing with the world few visitors of this webiste, below.


Storm Tracks

Storm Tracks is a visualizer for tropical storms and hurricanes (tropical cyclones). The National Hurricane Center (NHC) combines a variety of models to create tropical storm predictions. This application pulls the data from the NHC four times daily and displays the results from the models which generate the NHC predictions.

Storm Tracks
Mancala AI

I wanted to make a model to play the game Mancala so I would stop losing so much. I created an evolutionary algorithm with PyTorch to play mancala based on the current game state.

Jupyter Notebook
"Square Q"; Visualizing ANOVA Post Hoc Analysis

The Tukey HSD Test is a great way to find significant differences between groups in categorical data. As the number of groups increases, the number of comparisons quickly increases. This is a method for visualizing these comparisons more efficiently.

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Chaotic Dynamical Systems

As a student I took an independent study course where undergraduates are paired with a graduate student mentor. Students study a topic in mathematics not taught in any other undergraduate course and give a talk at the conclusion of the semester. My talk covered chaotic dynamical systems.


Old Projects

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to upkeep all of my old projects. Here is a catalog of some projects I worked on in the past.

Spotify Graph (2020-2022)

Spotify Graph was a web app built with NodeJS that produced a histogram of your Spotify library. Each album cover was stacked by year.

GeoCloud (2016-2018)

GeoCloud was a full stack collaborative mapping application built with PHP as a high school project that allowed users to collect and share custom geospatial data with a mobile interface and export the data for use in other mapping software.